30th British International Conference on Databases

July 6-8, 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland



Monday (July 6, 2015)

9.00am Conference Opening
9.10am Tutorial: Graham Cormode - Streaming Methods in Data Analysis
10.10am Coffee Break

SESSION 1: Scalability
10.40am Yu Liu and Peter McBrien: Transactional and Incremental Type Inference from Data Updates
11.10am-11:25am Farhan Tauheed, Thomas Heinis and Anastasia Ailamaki: Configuring Spatial Grids for Efficient Joins
11.35am Minpeng Zhu, Khalid Mahmood and Tore Risch: Scalable Queries over Log Database Collections
12.05pm Stefan Böttcher, Rita Hartel, Thomas Jacobs and Markus Jeromin: ECST – Extended Context-Free Straight-Line Tree Grammars

12.35pm Lunch Break
2.15pm Tutorial: Aaron Roth - Differential Privacy and Preserving Validity in Adaptive Data Analysis
3.15pm Coffee Break

SESSION 2: Data Integration
3.45pm-4:10pm Mirko Michele Dimartino, Andrea Calì, Alexandra Poulovassilis and Peter Wood: Implementing Peer-to-Peer Semantic Integration of Linked Data
4.10pm-4:40pm Reem Qadan Alfayez and Mike Joy: Applying NoSQL Databases for Integrating Web Educational Stores - An Ontology-Based Approach
4.50pm-5:15pm Stefan Hagedorn, Kai-Uwe Sattler and Michael Gertz: A Framework for Scalable Correlation of Spatio-temporal Event Data
5.15pm-5:45pm Daniel Ritter: Towards More Data-Aware Application Integration

6.00pm-7.00pm Welcome Drink

Tuesday (July 7, 2015)

9.00am Keynote: Padhraic Smyth - Statistical Thinking in Machine Learning
10.00am Coffee Break

SESSION 3: Data Exploration
10.30am Andreas Weiler, Michael Grossniklaus and Marc H. Scholl: Evaluation Measures for Event Detection Techniques on Twitter Data Streams
11.00am - 11:30am Teodora Sandra Buda, Thomas Cerqueus, John Murphy and Morten Kristiansen: ReX: Extrapolating Relational Data in a Representative Way
11.40am - 12:10am Jim O' Donoghue and Mark Roantree: A Framework for Evaluating Deep Learning Configurations
12.10am - 12:35am Antonios Nanos, Anne James, Rahat Iqbal and Yih-Ling Hedley: Using Virtual Meeting Structure to Support Summarisation

12.35pm Lunch Break
2.00pm Tutorial: Daniel Keim - The Power of Visual Analytics: Unlocking the Value of Big Data
3.00pm Coffee Break

3.30pm - 5:30pm Guided City Tour
6.45pm - 7:45pm Whisky Tour
7.45pm - 9:45pm Conference Dinner

Wednesday (July 8, 2015)

9.00am Keynote: Nigel Shadbolt - Dealing with a Web of Data
10.00am Coffee Break

SESSION 4: Graph Data
10.30am Yang Cao, Wenfei Fan and Shuai Ma: Virtual Network Mapping: A Graph Pattern Matching Approach
11.00am - 11:25am Sejla Cebiric, Francois Goasdoue and Ioana Manolescu: Query-Oriented Summarization of RDF Graphs
11.35am Lihua Zhou, Peizhong Yang, Kevin Lu, Lizhen Wang and Hongmei Chen: A fast approach for detecting overlapping communities in social networks based on game theories
12.05am Sana Al Azwari and John N. Wilson: Consistent RDF updates with correct dense deltas

12.35pm Lunch Break
2.00pm Keynote: Renée Miller - Big Data Curation
3.00pm Coffee Break

SESSION 5: NoSQL and Distributed Processing
3.30pm Lena Wiese: Horizontal Fragmentation and Replication for Multiple Relaxation Attributes
4.00pm Johannes Schildgen and Stefan Deßloch: NotaQL Is Not a Query Language! It's for Data Transformation on Wide-Column Stores
4.30pm Khalid Mahmood, Thanh Truong and Tore Risch: NoSQL Approach to Large Scale Analysis of Persisted Streams
4.45pm Conference ends.