We will be based in Appleton Tower. All labs are on the third floor and the initial meeting will be in a lecture theatre on the ground floor.

Each day there is coffee (on the third floor) at 11am and 3pm


  • Day One
    09:30am -- 09:45am Welcome and Account Information (Appleton Tower LT3)
    09:45am -- 11:00am Introduction; Projects Overview, Hadoop Primer (LT3)
    11:00am -- 11:30am Hadoop Labs (AT Floor 3)
    11:30am -- 17:00pm Project work
    11:00am -- 17:00pm Project Work (AT Floor 3)
    17:00pm -- 17:30pm Rapid Fire Progress Reports

  • Day Two
    09:00am -- 12:00pm Project Work
    12:00am -- 12:30am Rapid Fire Progress Reports
    12:30am -- 17:00pm Project Work
    17:00pm -- 17:30pm Rapid Fire final reports
    17:30pm -- 17:35pm Ending