Sankaran (Jeena) Srinivas

Jeena Srinivas is a Motorola Corporate VP, with a dual role in Motorola's Global Software Group and in the iDEN Mobile Devices business. He has responsibility for Advanced Software Technologies and for the worldwide iDEN software organization. During the last 10 years he has played an instrumental role in introducing a variety of technology firsts in iDEN, including: the industry first wireless handset with integrated Voice; SMS and PTT (Push-To-Talk / Dispatch); the first wireless Packet-Data/Mobile-IP handset with a Micro-browser in the US; the first J2ME handset in the US. These software innovations have played a pivotal role in building a multi-billion dollar iDEN business for Motorola.

Jeena received his Ph.D in Information Sciences at Caltech in 1977, having done research in AI/Robotics as part of a collaborative effort with JPL's Mars Roving Robot project. He joined Bell Labs in 1977, where he spent 17 years. He has done Applied Research in Integrated Voice/Data systems, introduced the highest capacity (in 1986) X.25 Packet Switch as part of AT&T's Accunet Packet Service, oversaw major improvements in the availability of a Signaling System 7 subsystem that was a part of every network element in AT&T, and developed new architectures for SS7 and Network Management systems.

Jeena's current interests are in finding ways to accelerate the introduction of new technologies into new market spaces in seamless mobility and in developing differentiated offerings that have sustained competitive value.