EMNLP 2011: Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing — July 27–31, 2011 — Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.


Visa information

EMNLP does not issue formal invitation letters for visas. However, we can issue a visa support letter, which describes the technical nature of the conference.

A visa support letter cannot be sent to a private address; it can only be sent to an established university or research lab.

A letter can only be requested after you have registered for EMNLP'11.

After you register for EMNLP 2011, you will receive an e-mail confirming your booking and assigning it a unique booking number. This will look like EDN12345 (i.e., “EDN” followed by an integer). You will need to quote this booking number in your request.

Send your request for a visa support letter to emnlp11-support@inf.ed.ac.uk with the following information: