VRST 2014 Program

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The main venue for VRST 2014 is the Informatics Forum at the University of Edinburgh.
Full papers have 25 minutes each (22 minute presentation with 3 mintues for questions and answers), short presentation papers have 15 minutes (12 minute presentation with 3 minutes for questions and answers) and poster papers have 5 minutes for presentation only.

Tuesday, November 11th

09:00 - 09:10 am Opening

09:10 - 10:20 am Device and Interface

DigiTap: An Eyes-Free VR/AR Symbolic Input Device (Long paper)
Manuel Prätorius, Dimitar Valkov, Ulrich Burgbacher, Klaus Hinrichs

Robust 6-DOF Immersive Navigation Using Commodity Hardware (Short paper)
Ludovico Carozza, Frederic Bosche, Mohamed Abdel-Wahab

Navigating Immersive Virtual Environments through a Foot Controller (Short paper)
Marcello Carrozzino, Giovanni Avveduto, Franco Tecchia, Pavel Gurevich, Benjamin Cohen

AnyHaptics: A Haptic Plug-in for Existing Interactive 3D Graphics Applications (Short paper)
Deokjae Song, Jinah Park

10:45 - 12:15 pm Graphics

Multiphase Surface Tracking With Explicit Contouring (Long paper)
Xiaosheng Li, Xiaowei He, Xuehui Liu, Baoquan Liu, Enhua Wu

Model Topology Change with Correspondence using Electrostatics (Short paper)
Peter Sandilands, Taku Komura

Robust Random Dot Markers: towards augmented unprepared maps with pure geographic features (Long paper)
Liming Yang, Jean-Marie Normand, Guillaume Moreau

Third Person View + Guidance For More Natural Motor Behaviour In Immersive Basketball Playing (Long paper)
Alexandra Covaci, Anne-Helene Olivier, Franck Multon

12:15 - 14:00 pmLunch

14:00 - 15:35 pm Tracking and Recognition

A Hand Posture Recognition System Utilizing Frequency Difference of Infrared Light (Short paper)
Soonchan Park, Moonwook Ryu, Ju Young Chang, Jiyoung Park

Illumination Independent Marker Tracking using Cross-Ratio Invariance (Short paper)
Vincent Agnus, Stéphane Nicolau, Luc Soler

I’m in VR!: using your own hands in a fully immersive MR system (Short paper)
Franco Tecchia, Giovanni Avveduto, Raffaello Brondi, Marcello Carrozzino, Massimo Bergamasco, Leila Alem

Accelerating Vision-based 3D Indoor Localization by Distributing Image Processing over Space and Time (Long paper)
Doohee Yun, Hyunseok Chang, T.V. Lakshman

User-Perspective Augmented Reality Magic Lens From Gradients (Long paper)
Domagoj Baričević, Tobias Höllerer, Pradeep Sen, Matthew Turk,

16:00 - 17:30 pm Poster Presentations

ExpanD: A Stereoscopic Expanding Technique for Compound Graphs (Poster)
Ragaad Altarawneh, Shah Rukh Humayoun, Achim Ebert

Poxels: Polygonal Voxel Environment Optimizations for Improved Storage and Rendering (Poster)
Mark Miller, Kevin Chalmers, Benjamin Kenwright, Kenny Mitchell

Cost Based Estimation of Intended Locomotion Targets (Poster)
Markus Zank, Andreas Kunz

A Perspective Geometry Approach to User-Perspective Rendering in Hand-Held Video See-Through Augmented Reality (Poster)
Ali Samini, Karljohan Lundin Palmerius

Synchronized AR Environment for Multiple Users Using Animation Markers (Poster)
Hirotake Yamazoe, Tomoko Yonezawa

Dissection of Hybrid Soft Tissue Models Using Position-based Dynamics (Poster)
Junjun Pan, Junxuan Bai, Xin Zhao, Aimin Hao, Hong Qin

A Portable Interface for Tangible Exploration of Volumetric Data (Poster)
Paul Issartel, Florimond Guéniat, Mehdi Ammi

Natural 7-DoF Navigation & Interaction in 3D Geovisualisations (Poster)
Simon Stannus, Arko Lucieer, Wai-Tat Fu

A Projection-Based Mixed-Reality Display for Exterior and Interior of a Building Diorama (Poster)
Ming Zhang, Itaru Kitahara, Yoshinari Kameda, Yuichi Ohta

On the Benefits of Stereo Graphics in Virtual Obstacle Avoidance Tasks (Poster)
J. Andreas Bærentzen, Rasmus Stenholt

Optimum Design of Haptic Seat for Driving Simulator (Poster)
Osama Halabi, Mariam Ba Hameish, Latefa Al-Naimi, Amna Al-Kaabi

FishEyA: Live Broadcasting Around 360 Degrees (Poster)
Canessa Enrique, Livio Tenze

Virtualized Welding: A New Paradigm for Tele-Operated Welding (Poster)
Bo Fu, Yukang Liu, Yuming Zhang and Ruigang Yang

The Collaborative Design Platform Protocol - A Protocol for a Mixed Reality Installation for Improved Incorporation of Laypeople in Architecture (Poster)
Tibor Goldschwendt, Christoph Anthes, Gerhard Schubert, Frank Petzold and Dieter Kranzlmüller

View from the Hill: where cross reality meets virtual worlds (Poster)
Christopher Davies and Alan Miller

FingerOscillation: Clutch-free Techniques for 3D Object Translation, Rotation and Scale (Poster)
Siju Wu, Amine Chellali, Samir Otmane

Braiding hair by Braid Theory (Poster)
Gaoxiang Zeng, Taku Komura

Dual Sensor Filtering for Robust Tracking of Head-Mounted Displays (Poster)
Nicholas T. Swafford, Bastiaan J. Boom, Kartic Subr, David Sinclair, Darren Cosker, Kenny Mitchell

17:30 pm onwards Poster Session and Reception at the Informatics Forum

The size of poster boards is 114 cm x 84 cm (can possibly hang A0 size).

Wednesday, November 12th

09:10 - 10:10 am Invited Talk: Pushmeet Kohli

10:35 - 12:15 pm Character Animation

A Multi-resolution Approach for Adapting Close Character Interaction (Long paper)
Edmond S. L. Ho, He Wang, Taku Komura

Data-driven Sequential Goal Selection Model for Multi-agent Simulation (Long paper)
Wenxi Liu, Zhe Huang, Rynson W. H. Lau, Dinesh Manocha

Posture Reconstruction Using Kinect with a Probabilistic Model (Long paper)
Liuyang Zhou, Zhiguang Liu, Howard Leung, Hubert P. H. Shum

Towards Real-Time Credible and Scalable Agent-Based Simulations of Autonomous Pedestrians Navigation (Long paper)
Patrick Simo Kanmeugne, Aurélie Beynier

12:15 - 13:20 pmLunch

13:20 - 15:05 pm User Study and Data Analysis

Simulator Sickness and Presence using HMDs: comparing use of a game controller and a position estimation system (Short paper)
Gerard Llorach, Alun Evans, Josep Blat

Desktop Virtual Reality for Emergency Preparedness: User Evaluation of an Aircraft Ditching Experience under Different Fear Arousal Conditions (Long paper)
Luca Chittaro, Fabio Buttussi, Nicola Zangrando

Profiling and benchmarking event and message-passing-based asynchronous Realtime Interactive Systems (Long paper)
Stephan Rehfeld, Henrik Tramberend , Marc Erich Latoschik

Performance Improvement using Data Tags for Handheld Spatial Augmented Reality (Short paper)
Andrew Irlitti, Stewart Von Itzstein, Ross Smith, Bruce Thomas

A Usability Scale for Handheld Augmented Reality (Long paper)
Marc Ericson Santos, Jarkko Polvi, Takafumi Taketomi, Goshiro Yamamoto, Christian Sandor and Hirokazu Kato

15:05 pmLocal tour (Edinburgh Castle)

19:30 pm onwardsBanquet (Playfair Library Hall)

Thursday, November 13th

09:15 - 10:15 am Invited Talk: Niloy Mitra

10:45 - 12:15 pm Perception

Threefolded Motion Perception During Immersive Walkthroughs (Long paper)
Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke

The Influence of Step Frequency on The Range of Perceptually Natural Visual Walking Speeds During Walking-In-Place and Treadmill Locomotion (Short paper)
Niels Christian Nilsson, Stefania Serafin, Rolf Nordahl

Displaying Shapes with Various Types of Surfaces using Visuo-Haptic Interaction (Long paper)
Yuki Ban, Takuji Narumi, Tomohiro Tanikawa, Michitaka Hirose

In Touch with the Remote World: Remote Collaboration with Augmented Reality Drawings and Virtual Navigation (Long paper)
Steffen Gauglitz, Benjamin Nuernberger, Matthew Turk, Tobias Hollerer

12:15 - 12:30 pm Announcement of Awards, Closing Remarks