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Conference registration includes access to all exhibits, demos, and sessions , lunches, reception (Monday evening), proceedings, and registration packet. You can fill out and submit the form below, or click registration document to get an MS Word version of the form which you may then complete and mail or fax (details at the end of the form). Just one form per registered person, please.

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Note: There will be a $30 cancellation fee after May 13.

Please click on your membership/registration status where Member means member of the IAIED or any other sponsoring organsation.:
Member, registration before May 1 ($350)
Non-member, registration before May 1 ($400)
Member, registration after May 1 ($390)
Non-member, after May 1 ($450)
Student, no meals ($100)

What's your registration fee?

Saturday Workshops ($50 each, 9am - 5pm)
Assessment Methods in Web-Based Learning Envir's & Adaptive Hypermedia
Help Provision and Help Seeking in Interactive Learning Envir's
Multi-Agent Architectures for Distributed Learning Envir's

Sunday Workshops ($50 each, 9am - 5pm)
Computer Assisted Language Learning
External Representations in AI-ED
Tutorial Dialogue Systems

Sunday Tutorials ($50 each, half day)
(AM) Animated Pedagogical Agents
(PM) Adaptive Web-Based Educational Systems

What's your total workshop/tutorial fee(s)?

Other Activities (click relevant item)

Banquet: Tower of the Americas Banquet Ticket(s), at $60 per ticket
Number of Banquet Tickets:    Total Cost of Banquet Tickets
The banquet is on Tuesday 22nd May, 6:00 cash bar, 6:30 dinner.

Single room at St. Mary's, $34 per night
Shared room at St. Mary's, $24 per night
If you want us to pair you with a same-sex roommate, please fill in the box with your gender: male or female
Enter first night and total number of nights needed (e.g., Monday, 3)
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T-shirt, $12 per shirt
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Extra Lunches, $10 per lunch, each day needed
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Special Tours: Type number of riders in the box for each tour. Shuttle buses to the first two events are free.
Fiesta Texas (Shuttle: Sat, 9:30am/8:00pm, pay entrance fee at the park)
SeaWorld (Shuttle: Sun, 9:30am/6:00pm, pay entrance fee at the park)
San Antonio Bus Tour (Sun, 12-6:00pm, $45 each) Total Cost of SA Bus Tour

Extra Proceedings -- IOS Press, $50 each
Number of copies: Total Cost:

Total of registration fees and other expenses: (if you wish to make any comments, please do so here)


Note: this is not a secure server, and submission of credit card information is at your own risk. You can choose to register via credit card, or separately send a check to:

    AI-ED 2001: C. Redfield
    St. Mary's University Computer Science Department
    1 Camino Santa Maria
    San Antonio, TX 78228-8524

If you wish to fax your registration form, the number is:

    210-679-6764 (no cover sheet required)

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