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Invited speakers

  • Daniel T. Gillespie
  • Mark Girolami
Invited speakers for CMSB 2007
Daniel T. Gillespie (Dan T Gillespie Consulting, Castaic, California)
Title: Stochastic Chemical Kinetics
Abstract: The time evolution of a well-stirred chemically reacting system is traditionally modeled by a set of coupled ordinary differential equations called the reaction rate equation (RRE). The resulting picture of continuous deterministic evolution is, however, valid only for infinitely large systems. That condition is usually well approximated in laboratory test tube systems. But in biological systems formed by single living cells, the small population numbers of some reactant species can result in dynamical behavior that is noticeably discrete rather than continuous, and stochastic rather than deterministic. In that case, a more physically accurate mathematical modeling is obtained by using the machinery of Markov process theory, specifically, the chemical master equation (CME) and the stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA). After reviewing the theoretical foundations of stochastic chemical kinetics, we will describe a way to approximate the SSA by a faster simulation procedure, and then show how this way also provides a logical bridge between the CME/SSA description and the RRE description.
Mark Girolami (Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow)
Title: The Convergence of Mechanistic and Statistical Modelling within Systems Biology
Abstract: Statistical inferential modelling plays a foundational role in most aspects of computational biology whereas mechanistic computational modelling dominates the research advances being made in systems biology. However there are a number of fundamental questions which require the principled unification of both of these modelling paradigms thus enabling inference over and between competing model hypotheses. This talk will illustrate the potential of the synthesis of these modelling paradigms by way of two important examples, the identification of prognostic signatures from breast cancer data and the model-based discrimination of plausible biochemical pathway topologies describing the ERK signalling pathway.
CMSB conference news

CMSB 2008 will be held in Rostock, Germany.

The conference is scheduled to take place 12th-15th October. Please send your best paper to CMSB 2008.

Abstract submission deadline: 05/05/2008 at 23:55.
Paper submission deadline: 12/05/2008 at 23:55.


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