PPDP 2016 - LOPSTR 2016 - SAS 2016,
  Edinburgh, September 5-11, 2016

Local Information

Eating and Drinking

In addition to generic sites such as TripAdvisor, The List has reviews and other information about most Edinburgh restaurants. Some recommendations of restaurants near the conference venue follow.

For pubs, the West Nicholson street ones are pretty good:

  • The Pear Tree House (38 W Nicolson St) if it's sunny
  • Ushers (32b W Nicolson St) have an excellent array of beers and very knowledgeable staff, they also do good food
  • Blind poet (32 W Nicolson St) is also nice and can be a bit quieter, live music can be hit and miss
  • Hanging Bat (133 Lothian Road) is a bit more of a walk but they also have a good selection of beers
  • Cloisters (26 Brougham Street) serves real ale and food

Food nearby:

  • Mother India (3-5 Infirmary St) is great but they can be a bit tetchy about needing to book beforehand
  • Nawroz (26-30 Potterrow) is just over the road and is fine
  • Kalpna (2-3 St Patrick Square) is an indian vegetarian buffet which is just down the road and has a good reputation