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*Visa Requirements*

Switzerland is part of the Schengen area so if you do not require a visa to travelling to Schengen countries you do not need one for Switzerland either. If you already have a Schengen visa/work permit, you should be able to travel freely to Switzerland. To be on the safe side, please check on this website

*Travel plug adapter*

Please note that Swiss plugs are not compatible even with continental EU plugs. Please make sure you have an appropriate travel plug adapter for the trip.



The venue for SCA 2012 is the Polydome at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.

Welcome drinks will take place at the Rolex Learning Centre. The poster session with wine and cheese will be held in the Polydome at EPFL. Farewell drinks will be at the Château de Glérolles. Please see images below.

Map for the SCA 2012 venue (Polydome at EPFL)

EPFL general access by plane, train, car etc

The Polydome at EPFL


The Rolex Learning Centre at EPFL

Rolex Learning Centre Rolex Learning Centre

Château de Glérolles

Château de Glérolles

View of Lake Geneva from the Château de Glérolles

Château de Glérolles Lake view

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By plane and by train

Genève-Cointrin is the nearest airport (40-60 minutes). The train from Zürich Unique Airport takes approximately 2h 30 to go to Lausanne. From these airports, you can take a train to Lausanne , then the Lausanne metro (Gare CFF > Gare du Flon > line M1 direction Renens).


By public transportation (metro, M1)

Line M1 of the TL (Transports lausannois) takes you from the centre of Lausanne (Flon) or from Renens station to the EPFL.
Bus lines TL (Public Transports of Lausanne area) and MBC (Transport Region Morges) run in western Lausanne:

  • 33 (Mont-Goulin, Prilly, EPFL),
  • 701 (Echichens, Morges, Ecublens, EPFL)
  • 705 (Lonay , Prévrenges, Denges, Echandens, Ecublens, EPFL)
  • Tip: Take the Express Network Vaudois (trains) or SBB long-distance trains to Renens (VD), and then TL-M1 line in Renens station.


    By car

    By car, on the motorway, follow direction "Lausanne-Sud", exit "EPFL"".
    Car parks: parking places (paying) for visitors are available under l'Esplanade, and along the Avenue Piccard. Car parks indicated by the green "P" symbol are reserved for holders of a special card.


    On foot

    Once on the campus, please use our "orientation tool" to locate a building, place or person on the site. You can also find information concerning the route to take to get from one place to another.

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    Reduced prices for SCA12 attendees (all prices are in swiss francs CHF).


    • directly contact the hotel to mention the special reduced Price (do NOT use some intermediate web booking site). In some case you should provide a telephone contact number, inform them about your approx. arrival hour, and provide a credit card number as a guarantee.
    • indicate SCA12 as the code if they ask for one. Normally the fact that the conference is organized in EPFL is sufficient to get the reduced price. You could as well send a pdf of your registration as a justification.
    • June 30th is the LIMIT DATE of blocked reservations for a certain number of rooms for each hotel. After June 30th, availability of these rooms is no more guaranteed. The reduced price is still valid though.

    About public transportation:

    When booking, mention to the hotel that you wish to get the local public transportation pass that is included in the price (this is valid for all hotels in Lausanne area). It will be useful to go to the venue if your hotel is not on campus and also for the third social event in the Glerolle castle on the lake shore.

    Map of Accommodation:

    Accommodation Map


    All prices are in swiss francs CHF:

    Map Hotel
    + how to go to SCA12
    Category Single Double (2pers) # blocked rooms
    until June 30th
    Contact information
    1 Starling
    on EPFL campus
    **** 160 195 20 Phone: +41 21 694 85 85 
    Fax: +41 21 694 85 86
    2 Pierettes (Motel)
    walking distance to SCA12 venue
    ** 134.5 169 16 Phone: +41 21 691 25 25
    Fax: +41 21 691 25 30
    Note : arriving after 20h30 has to be announced
    3 Pré Fleuri
    walking distance to SCA12 venue
    *** 140 165 12 Phone: +41 21 697 40 40
    Fax: +41 21 697 40 41
    4 Débarcadère
    20 min walk
    *** - 220/250 2
    inform us too
    Phone : +41 21 691 61 18
    Note : double= 1 living room + 1 bedroom
    5 Youth hostel
    bus + M1
    ** 87.1 120
    (mostly with a single large bed)
    20 Phone: +41 21 626 02 22
    Fax: +41 21 626 02 26
    6 Elite
    *** 145/170 190 10 Phone: +41 21 320 23 61
    Fax: +41 21 320 39 63
    7 Angleterre & Residence
    M2 + M1
    ***** 245 275 5 Phone: +41 21 613 34 34
    Fax: +41 21 613 34 35
    Note: additional costs for garage, breakfast, lake view confirmation number valid until june 30th: 3213700
    Send pdf of registration as proof

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