23 Annual CogSci Conference -- 2001

Second Call for Submissions

We are pleased to invite submissions to CogSci2001, the Twenty-third Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, August 1-4, 2001.

This year's plenary speakers will be:

Linked symposia will afford an opportunity for more interactive exploration of these topics.

The Program Committee for the conference is:


Johanna Moore (Edinburgh)
Keith Stenning (Edinburgh)


Susan Brennan (SUNY Stonybrook) Gordon Brown (Warwick)
Nick Chater (Warwick) Peter Cheng (Nottingham)
Axel Cleeremans (Brussels) Gary Cottrell (UCSD)
Matt Crocker (Saarbrucken) Jean Decety (INSERM, Paris)
Rogers Hall (UC Berkeley) Dan Jurafsky (U. Colorado, Boulder)
Irvin Katz (ETS, Princeton) Ken Koedinger (CMU)
Michiel van Lambalgen (Amsterdam) Frank Ritter (Penn State)
Mike Oaksford (Cardiff) Stellan Ohlsson (U. Illinois, Chicago)
Tom Ormerod (Lancaster) Michael Pazzani (UC Irvine)
Christian Schunn (George Mason) Steven Sloman (Brown University)
Niels Taatgen (Groningen) Andree Tiberghien (CNRS, Lyon)
Richard Young (Hertfordshire) Jiajie Zhang (U. Texas at Houston)
Andy Clarke (Sussex)

Edinburgh is a world heritage site, the seat of the new Scottish Parliament, and has a spectacular cityscape. Edinburgh's annual International Arts Festival and its `Fringe Festival', the largest arts festival in the world, commences immediately after the conference. There are other festivals of Book, Jazz and Film within the month of August. See http://www.hcrc.ed.ac.uk/cogsci2001/CogSci-LNK.html for some links.

Call for submissions

Cognitive science pursues a scientific understanding of the mind through all available methodologies, notably those of anthropology, artificial intelligence, computer science, education, linguistics, logic, neuroscience, philosophy and psychology, in whatever combinations is most appropriate to the topic at hand. The aim of this year's conference will be to represent this full breadth of research in the cognitive sciences, in ways which will lead to useful mutual interactions. All contributions should be addressed to an interdisciplinary audience.

STANDARD SPOKEN PAPERS: 20-minute spoken presentations, which if accepted will be published as 6-page papers in the Proceedings;

STANDARD POSTERS: standard poster presentations, which if accepted will be published as 6-page papers in the Proceedings;

ABSTRACT POSTERS: poster presentations, which are guaranteed to be published in the Proceedings as one-page abstracts but can be submitted only by members of the Cognitive Science Society. Please see http://www.umich.edu/~cogsci for information about membership in the Cognitive Science Society, or contact the Executive Officer, Colleen Seifert, (Fax: (734) 429-9248; email: cogsci@umich.edu; mail: Cognitive Science Society, 5618 Ann Arbor-Saline Road, Saline, MI, 48176).

SYMPOSIA: 90-minute spoken presentations, including three or more well-integrated talks on a common topic and possibly a discussant, which if accepted will be published as one-page abstracts in the Proceedings.

TUTORIALS: a program of 1/2 day or whole day (3 or 6 hour) tutorials will be offered the day prior to the body of the conference. A one page description will be published in the proceedings.

Submissions for standard spoken papers, standard posters, and symposia will be reviewed by an international panel of experts according to the following criteria: Significance; Relevance to a Broad Audience of Cognitive Science Researchers; Originality; Technical Merit; and Clarity of Presentation.

ALL submissions for standard spoken papers, standard posters, abstract posters, and symposia should be submitted according to the instructions which will appear at http://www.hcrc.ed.ac.uk/cogsci2001 Electronic templates will be provided. We will unfortunately not be able to accept material not submitted on these templates.

Deadline for RECEIPT of all submission materials is Wednesday 7th February, 2001. Authors whose submissions are accepted on the program and to appear in the Proceedings will be notified in time to return final versions of their Proceedings contributions by late April. Publication is subject to meeting deadlines and format requirements.


For information about conference registration and housing, contact CS2001REG@cogsci.ed.ac.uk AFTER January 1, 2001. Please DO NOT direct queries about conference registration, housing, parking on campus, or lodging to any other email address.

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