2001 CogSci Conference

News and Updates

Please check back regularly as this page will be updated frequently.


Final Call for Conference Banquet

Delegates wishing to attend the conference banquet must reserve tickets NO LATER than Monday 30th July. You can reserve tickets by emailing cogpcc@cogsci.ed.ac.uk. Please include your name, the number of tickets you wish to reserve, and if any of your party are vegetarians. Reserved tickets can be collected and paid for at the Registration desk during the conference.
Please note- there will be no opportunity to buy tickets during the conference unless they have been reserved in advance.


CSS Board Meetings- change in schedule

There has been a reshuffle in the times of the CSS Board meetings to be held during the conference. The programme has been updated with the new times, but for your information they have also been listed below.

Thursday 2nd August
12:45pm - 2:30pm International SubCommittee Meeting HCRC

Friday 3rd August
8:00am - 9:00am Conference SubCommittee Meeting HCRC
12:45pm - 2:05pm Board Of Govenors Meeting Call Centre, Buccleuch Place

Saturday 4th August
8:00am - 9:00am Journal Subcommittee Meeting HCRC
12:45pm - 2:30pm Business Meeting DHT Faculty Room South

Member Abstracts

Member abstracts have now been scheduled to poster sessions. To see the updated poster session schedules please click on the links below.
Poster Session 1
Poster Session 2


Poster Session I - Earlier Finish Time

Poster Session I is now scheduled to finish at 9:00pm instead of the previously advertised time of 10:00pm.


Poster Session Schedules

The posters have now been assigned to one of the two Poster sessions. To see the lists of posters for each session please click on the relevant links below.

Poster Session 1
Poster Session 2

The poster titles will soon become links to the PDF files for the posters. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to download these files.


Conference Dinner Menu

Delegates attending the Conference Banquet will be treated to a four course menu of fresh Scottish produce accompanied by excellent South African wines. Click here to see the menu and wine list.



The programme has been changed again to avoid clashes of interest. Please check the programme page for the new version. A printable PDF version of the programme is now available on the programme page or by clicking here.

Travel Information

The Travel Links page has been updated with information on getting to and from Edinburgh and Edinburgh Airport.


Late Registration Fee

Please note that there is a £20 fee for registrations submitted after the 1st July 2001.


Accommodation Warning

Edinburgh gets very, very busy during the summer months, especially during the month of August when the International Edinburgh Festival takes over the city. We reccommend that you book your accommodation as soon as possible in order to secure a room close to the George Square (the conference location). To see maps of George Square, the University and the city click here. (Maps Courtesy of the Geography Department).

Conference Dinner

The Cogsci 2001 Conference Dinner will be held at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh's newest attraction with splendid views of Holyrood Park and the new Scottish Parliment Site. The dinner can be booked and payed for on the registration site.


Poster sizes

Posters will each be allocated a poster board measuring 6' by 4' in a landscape orientation. There are no specific formatting instructions for posters.

Programme Change

Session II (Associative Learning) has been swapped with Session VII (Education). For a corrected version of the programme please click here

Foot and Mouth Information

For those of you concerned about travelling to the UK in the light of the recent foot and mouth epidemic - rest assured, Scotland is open for business. See the Edinburgh and Lothian Tourist Board web site for more information.

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