2001 CogSci Conference


The Programme Chairs would like to thank the following organisations for their financial support:

The British Academy

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Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Elsevier Logo

Wellcome Logo
The Wellcome Trust

The Robert J. Glushko and Pamela Samuelson Foundation
(Sponsors of the Rumelhart Prize)

The Human Communication and Research Centre

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The Programme Chairs would also like to thank the Local Arrangements Committee for their time and dedication.

Chair: Jean McKendree
Submissions: Frances Swanwick, Jonathan Kilgour
Website: Jonathan Kilgour, Frances Swanwick
Proceedings: Mary Ellen Foster, Jonathan Kilgour, Frances Swanwick
Tutorials: Padraic Monaghan, Ian Hughson
Programme: Michael Ramscar, Frances Swanwick
Administrators: Janet Forbes, David Dougal
Finances: Fiona McGregor
Exhibitors: Ian Hughson
For a list of Exhibitors click here
Sponsorship: Jean McKendree, Ian Hughson
Student Volunteers: Dan Yarlett, Jean McKendree
Posters: Peter Wiemar-Hastings
Registration desk: Katya Markert

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